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Your phone’s built-in digital wallet.

Our best-in-class ecosystem.  

Passport is a new type of event entry system, blending pioneering NFC technology with rugged hardware that's the culmination of over half a decade of development and real-world deployment. Tap a category below to learn how Passport is redefining access control.








Tickets stored directly on your phone's digital wallet. No wristbands or tickets to ship.


No app to download, no email to pull up, no wristband to put on. 


Contactless, fast entry.  Simply wave your phone over the scanner.


Our smart technology automatically finds your ticket without you having to pull it up.

Goodbye scalpers. Goodbye fraud.

Chock full of amazing features.

Delightfully easy, contactless entry.


NFC-encrypted tickets are stored on your phone's secure digital wallet. No barcodes or QR code.


Complex access types and zone allowances can be easily built into each ticket.


Government-grade security. Virtually impossible to copy or defraud.


Store event credentials and eliminate the potential for abuse.

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Send push notifications to nearly every attendee based on time, pass type and more. No app needed (iOS only).


Instantly upgrade passes without needing to go to the box office.


Collect data on every attendee, not just those who bought tickets.


Rugged hardware that continues working even without network or power.

How it works

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Install Your Pass

Instead of a wristband or PDF ticket, you are provided an “Add to Wallet” link, installing the pass directly to your device's native digital wallet.

Transfer multiple passes to your friends easily by sending them a simple link.

Passport uses a secure system that encrypts tickets directly onto your phone.



How it Compares

See how Passport compares to existing event access control methods.


How it compares

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What is Passport?

Passport is a new access control ecosystem that uses cutting-edge technology with a best-in-class platform to deliver the most frictionless, secure and robust solution on the market. A quick, seamless and secure entry to your event is critical, yet many current solutions fall short. Barcodes or QR code tickets are simple and can be delivered digitally, however are rife with fraud and require the guest to find the ticket on their phone, turn up the brightness and slow down the line. RFID wristbands solve many issues for large-scale events, offering great security and relative ease on site. However, they require the producer order them months ahead of time which causes inventory issues or overspend. Plus, the guest has to receive them in the mail and risk losing them, or wait in additional 'wristband exchange' line on-site. Passport combines benefits of both, using a digitally-distributed ticket that is stored on your digital wallet. It's virtually impossible to defraud and entry is as simple as tapping your phone on our scanners! Passport hardware is designed for ruggedness, working in all-weather conditions and even if the network or power goes down. That just scratches the surface of the benefits of Passport to your event. Simply put, it's event access, evolved.

How does Passport work?

Passport uses your iPhone or Android's built-in "digital wallet" to store the event ticket. We encode it directly onto your phone in the same way your credit card is securely stored on Apple Pay or Google Pay. The system is backed by government-grade security and there's no barcode or QR code that can be duplicated. Our entry scanners are designed to access the ticket using your phone's native NFC functionality. In much the same way you 'tap to pay' using Apple Pay or Google Pay, you 'tap to enter' your event. In fact, our scanners are designed to find your ticket even with your screen off!


WRSTBND is an event technology partner that was born from over a decade of event production experience. Our RFID, ticketing, credential and mobile app services have powered some of the largest events in the country. Now, we're thrilled to add Passport, the culmination of years of development, as a flagship product. Events we work with include Lollapalooza, Essence Fest, Austin City Limits, Tales of the Cocktail, Sazerac House, Hogs For The Cause, New Orleans Wine & Food Experience, Voodoo Fest and many more.

Using Passport

Does the guest need an app for it to work?

Nope! We found many events have low app adoption and requiring an app download often leads to a poor user experience. Unlike existing solutions, all the features of Passport work without an app and use the native functionality of your phone to pull up your passes and send push notifications.

How do I transfer tickets to my friends?

If you buy multiple tickets, sending your friends their passes is as simple as emailing or texting them a link. Once they tap the link, their pass will download directly to their phone. If you have already loaded the passes onto your phone, you can transfer them to your friends by tapping the "Transfer" button on your digital pass. Once you enter their information, it will send them the pass directly.

What happens if a phone runs out of battery or gets lost?

Our system is the most flexible on the market, and can accept Passport NFC, RFID and QR codes. If a person's phone is out of battery, is unsupported, or lost, we can simply issue them an RFID wristband which will allow them to use our same system for access.

Can Passport support event credentials?

The security features make Passport an exceptional solution for event credentials. While staff laminates and wristbands can be abused by being passed back and re-sold, Passport credentials are stored directly on a phone and can't be transfered. This means that to abuse your Passport Credentials, you'd have to sell your phone to someone else. Additonally, Passport supports event staffing by:

  • Allowing complex zone types and logic assigned to individuals
  • Your digital pass can contain text or a link with information on exactly what access types your pass include
  • Reissuing and upgrading credentials can be instantaneous and done from a remote location
  • Our push notification feature allows department heads and others to efficiently communicate directly with all of their staff at any time

Hardware & Phones

What phones does Passport work on?

Any iPhone/iOS or Android phones with NFC functionality. Additionally, this works on Apple Watches and other wearables. To see a complete list of compatible devices see here:

What hardware does Passport use?

Our validation hardware is the result of 6 years of development and real-world deployment. Features include:

  • Backwards compatability - Can be used for Passport Passes, RFID Wristbands and QR/Codes.
  • Over 100 LEDs in our NTR-6 access portal allow for clear response in all event conditions
  • Loud audible response, built in speaker
  • Real-world redudancies and failsafes based on years of experience producing events:
    • Redundant network connectivity: Wired Ethernet, Venue WiFi, Cellular LTE
    • Runs completely off-line with local cache of all valid passes
    • No local network/server needed, syncs with WRSTBND cloud platform.
    • On-board touchscreen displays messaging & reasoning for denial and first name of pass holder (or any other info, configurable).
  • Customizable standby colors (event branding)
  • Fine grained access control platform, wrstSCN: instant upgrades AND add-ons
  • Available on a rental basis
Our NTR-6 Access Portal is designed to be mounted anywhere, including: On a pedestal -- Bike rack -- Table top -- And more!

Does Passport drain phone battery?

NFC does not drain battery. Your phone's NFC features are on by default and there is no way to turn it off on it your iPhone (Android's can disable NFC). In fact, battery drain is so negligible that the NFC feature used for Apple Pay still works with a dead battery: (Important: Passport does NOT work with a dead battery yet, but it is in development).

What happens if the phone is not supported?

If your phone does not have Apple Pay or Google Pay, no problem! Our system is backwards compatible with RFID, so you'll be able to receive an RFID wristband to provide you entry and access across the site.

COVID Preparedness

Is Passport contactless?

Yes! Passport's technology allows for a guest to enter an event by waving their phone on a free-standing scanner. This prevents handing your phone to someone who is scanning barcodes. In fact, our hardware is designed with over 100 LEDs and loud audio feedback, allowing security to stand back at a safe distance while still maintaining control of the entry line.

Can Passport assist with contact-tracing?

Yup! One of the unique features of Passport is the option to require all tickets to be registered to an individual person. If you choose to enable this feature, there will be near 100% data collection. This means our system will know who entered, when they entered and who was standing in line near them.


Passport API

For ticketing, registration, credentialing and other enterprise businesses, bring Passport to your clients with our REST API.

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Our well-documented API, hands-on integration, and hardware rental program give you direct access to our platform for a cutting edge white-labeled solution.

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