Your phone’s built-in digital wallet.

Our best-in-class ecosystem.  

Passport is a new type of event entry system, blending pioneering NFC technology with rugged hardware that's the culmination of over half a decade of development and real-world deployment. Tap a category below to learn how Passport is redefining access control.





Tickets stored directly on your phone's digital wallet. No wristbands or tickets to ship.

No app to download, no email to pull up, no wristband to put on. 

Contactless, fast entry.  Simply wave your phone over the scanner.

Our smart technology automatically finds your ticket without you having to pull it up.

Delightfully easy, contactless entry.

How it works


Install Your Pass

Instead of a wristband or PDF ticket, you are provided an “Add to Wallet” link, installing the pass directly to your device's native digital wallet.

Transfer multiple passes to your friends easily by sending them a simple link.

Passport uses the same, secure system that stores credit cards in Apple Pay and Google Pay.



How it Compares

See how Passport compares to existing event access control methods.




Passport API

For ticketing, registration, credentialing and other enterprise businesses, bring Passport to your clients with our REST API.

Our well-documented API, hands-on integration, and hardware rental program give you direct access to our platform for a cutting edge white-labeled solution.

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